I'm the the owner/editor/main contributor for Phoood. I write most of the reviews you see, but not all of them. Some of the reviews are written by others who enjoy eating as much as I do and also like to tell others about what they have eaten.

Phoood has been featured in the Sacramento Bee (link here) and on nymag.com (link here). Perhaps the highest honor Phoood has received is being quoted by Carl's Jr. on their drink cups, French fry containers, and paper bags. It has resulted in international exposure and brought a lot of new readers.

I buy most of the items that I review, but occasionally a company will send me free samples to try. If I review an item that was given to me for free, it does not get any preferential treatment. If I don't like it, my review will make this clear. Integrity is paramount here at Phoood, and my readers deserve the honest truth at all times.

Food companies: I am always looking for new food products to eat and review on Phoood.  Product samples are greatly appreciated. If would like to send samples to me and you need my mailing address, or if you just want to contact me, please .


Jim Peoples
Sacramento, California